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Naicoms is the exclusive distributor of MPU


A system „All in one“ – featuring the latest technological innovations for presentation and audio-video conferencing

Available anywhere where needed such as between meeting or hospital rooms

A fully standalone system that turns any place into a high-resolution video communication point

It is widely used in many business fields as well as in healthcare.

Provides the need for technological capabilities where they are lacking or completely absent.

Its use in hospitals, medical centers and other healthcare facilities allows for quality online consultation between physician and patient, as well as between healthcare professionals themselves. Facilitates the entry into telemedicine and use of the Medcare teleconsultation platform and addresses some challenges:

  • As an "all-in-one" system, MPU does not require special technical skills and allows the attention of the healthcare provider to be engaged only with the patient without having to worry and think about technical issues.

  • Facilitates access to innovative technologies where there are predominantly desktop computers that do not provide technical connectivity

  • Used anywhere - in offices, rooms or meeting rooms that are not equipped with computers

  • Used where major PC hardware components such as processor, RAM, and video card are not suitable for video applications

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