The Telemedicine platform

Medcare is an online platform that provides real-time audio-video-written communication between a patient and a doctor. Part of the platform's capabilities are video link, web chat, document sharing and more. The various functional modules of the platform copy the physical examination process, making it easier for customers to perceive and use.

Medcare contains everything you need to perform remote medical examination, whether routine or specialized.

MedCare is the solution to a large part of the needs and interests of the people in thecontemporary society by offering the opportunity for:

  • Secondary and primary health consultations

  • Follow-up treatment

  • Contact with a specialist from remote areas

  • Get a second opinion

  • Examination based on documents

  • Organizing a medical coordination unit

  • Collection of medical consultations

  • Exchange of information and consultation between health professionals themselves

Medcare is the answer for the search and demand of the patients by saving time, stress and money.

Who can benefit from Medcare:

  • Individual specialists and GPs

  • Hospital and Outpatient Medical Facilities (MC, DCC, Private Practices, etc.)

  • Insurance companies (health insurance)

  • Municipalities, Rural Areas and Other Distant Areas

  • Corporate clients (large enterprises and trading companies)

  • Government agencies and organizations as non-governmental organizations

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