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Medcase is a portable briefcase with diagnostic medical devices for collecting and transferring physiological data in real time and for audio-video communication.

Medcase enables:

  • Quick and easy measurement of vital signs by using wireless medical devices

  • Make patient-physician connections no matter of their geographical location through internet connectivity and audio-video communication

  • Ability to work online and offline. When the Internet is available, data is automatically transferred

  • There is no restriction on stored information
Medcase First Photo

Medcase First Photo

Medcase is reliable and:

  • It enters work mode very quickly

  • Easily transported from one person to the required location and / or can be placed in small or mobile clinics where space matters

  • Assists with the overall medical examination and diagnosis process. Easy to apply and adapt to the current environment, processes and procedures

  • There is an opportunity for easy integration into health centers with existing own infrastructure

  • It is fully compliant with the objectives of telemedicine for a quality, reliable and timely review

  • Can be used in emergencies; Disaster response teams; Emergency or emergency medical services - any place where needed

  • Medcase is suitable for:

    • prevention and check-ups in remote areas as well as in the city
    • benchmark on initial inspection
    • analysis in chronically ill patients
    • status tracking
    • fast decision-making in a critical situation
    • people of all ages

Medcase enables:

  • Thermometer

  • Blood pressure monitor

  • Spirometer - measures the capacity of the lungs

  • ECG portable instrument

  • Blood glucose meter

  • Pulse Oximeter - measures the presence of oxygen

  • Urine analyzer
  • Digital stethoscope

  • Weight scale

  • Prenatal Doppler

  • Bracelet for subsequent measurement of a patient's physical activity

  • High resolution general inspection camera

  • Data acquisition and visualization device - both online and offline

  • Touch screen enabled device for two-way audio-video communication in real time for medical examinations and consultations

The set of devices in a Medcase Can be tailored to specific needs.

Every devices have "CE" marking available conformity and accuracy of monitoring.

We are doing integration with other devices, currently undergoing testing.