NAICOMS provides full free access to its telemedicine technologies and capabilities in the fight against COVID-19

Naicoms offers innovative, telemedicine technology for online communication with physicians and healthcare professionals

Naicoms offers a free, fully-developed telemedicine system as an alternative to secure access to healthcare in a complex health situation.

„Telemedicine is a technology that does not cure on its own, but, as the World Health Organization points out, "distance is a critical factor" and, using information and communication technologies, equitable access for people from all over the country to health advice, chronically ill, in order to avoid contact and travel, people under quarantine with various specialists and many others, says Ivan Yosifov, CEO of Naicoms EOOD.
Part of the platform's capabilities reliable audio-video connection, web chat, document sharing, exchange and review of imaging studies, including DICOM format, etc. are guaranteed. Online based, the platform is easy and intuitive to use, with consultation and document-only capabilities. Available through the Internet, the platform does not require specialized hardware (such as having a smart device, for example) or specialized technical skills.

*Screenshot of an online consultation with the opportunity to view specialized research.

„Innovative technologies such as telemedicine are proving to be widespread worldwide, with usage increasing many times in a number of countries in the last month alone (some platforms report 2 million users in one month, which is otherwise the annual consumption of the service), " adds Ivan Yosifov.

"Naicoms" is a Bulgarian company specializing in telemedicine. Winner of the Social Innovation Award in the Contest „Innovative Enterprise of the Year 2019“ of the Applied Research and Communications Foundation and Europe Enterpise Network, under the auspices of President of Bulgaria - Rumen Radev.

Telemedicine is a kind of "power multiplier" that dramatically extends the scope of care and does not break the doctor-patient relationship. Responding to its motto "Putting Technique at the Service of the Public", Nycoms waives its fee and is ready to provide the telemedicine platform for free for use by healthcare professionals and patients during the crisis. All healthcare providers and healthcare professionals can make a profile quickly, easily and conveniently, and we are available to assist with any questions you may have. The company is currently assisting all physicians on the online scheduling platform. It is also important to get the attention of the institutions so that the medical staff can feel comfortable using it.

"Naicoms" had sent their proposal to the national institutions at the end of February, with no response yet. "For us, this is a way to contribute to a more effective prevention of the spread of coronavirus and influenza type B. We believe that this is also a good opportunity for effective use of Bulgarian innovative technologies of great social importance," ends Ivan Yosifov.

The telemedicine solutions developed by Naicoms find numerous applications in the current situation, such as:

  • possibility to consult quarantined people with different specialists

  • provides equal access to people from all over the country

  • significantly reduces and avoids unnecessary travel and movement of people for all (people with health issues, chronically ill, supervised, etc.)

  • supports the preservation of healthy people and people who need to consult with health professionals on other health issues

  • reduces the pressure on healthcare professionals locally as people from all over Bulgaria can consult with professionals from all over Bulgaria

  • 24/7 telemedicine intercommunication communication for healthcare professionals, exchange of experience and data including quarantined

  • possibility for organizing virtual medical offices on duty

  • other applications as needed as each element of the ecosystem is developed by the company in Bulgaria, which provides great flexibility.

Naicoms has developed other hardware and software products for telemedicine as a one-touch device, providing the need for specialized audio-video communication technology. Such devices are located at more than 30 points in health establishments in Bulgaria. The system is used by hospitals such as UMBALSM "NIPirogov"; St. Anna University Multi-profile Hospital for Active Treatment - Sofia, AD, and 30 other settlements. Each interested physician can create an online consultation profile and schedule quickly and easily, and can contact us for assistance as needed.

* Naicoms is the exclusive representative of MPU

Medcase - Diagnostic case with medical diagnostics devices included and possibility for online audio-video consultation. May contain: Thermometer, Blood pressure monitor; Spirometer; ECG portable device; Blood glucose measuring apparatus; Pulse Oximeter; Urine analyzer, Digital stethoscope and more. Data from medical diagnostic devices are automatically transferred and stored for verification, and the available two-way audio-video communication helps to carry out full medical examinations and consultations.