Gartner has estimated that 80% of IT resources are spent on maintenance, not adding new value.

To IT pros who spend their time patching software, performing upgrades, and backing up data, that number sounds low. Naicoms can manage your mission-critical business applications so your IT team can spend more time strategizing ways to help your business succeed.

Naicoms Managed Infrastructure provides clients easy access to an enterprise-grade private environment with the latest hardware and software without capital expenditures, expensive upgrades or ongoing maintenance and monitoring. It is ideal for hosting applications used by hedge funds and investment firms.

Reliable application performance

Improving users experience

Your users need consistent access to the tools they use to do their jobs. Let us help customize a fast and reliable hybrid cloud for your applications by combining custom dedicated hardware, virtual servers, private cloud.

Complete Monitoring, End-to-End

Mission-critical applications and users need it.

Our eyes are on everything in the Naicoms Private Cloud 24x7x365. We have a comprehensive monitoring and management system in place that covers the applications, network and servers running in the Naicoms Private Cloud.

Custom Applications

Web-enabled applications are as diverse and unique as the businesses that develop them, and they come with their own requirements and technical nuances—from varying compute, storage, and security needs, to often unpredictable load. At Naicoms, we have the experience and expertise to help you, by designing an infrastructure that’s best suited for your custom app.

E-commerce Websites

Creating an exceptional customer experience for your website is hard enough. You shouldn't have to worry about building high-performance infrastructure, too.That's why we offer an ecommerce hosting platform that keeps your online store running at peak performance. And our expertise doesn't stop there—we can also help you meet PCI requirements, and we'll provide support for several industry-leading ecommerce software solutions.

Test & Dev Environments

Test & dev is crucial for ensuring your code is ready for prime time — but it can be costly and complex to create and manage your own development, staging, and production environments. When you turn to Naicoms, however, you get a flexible and reliable mix of cloud, dedicated, and hybrid test & dev options.

Corporate Websites

Your corporate site is often the first and primary interaction that your customers — and the world — have with your product, service, and brand. Maintaining availability and performance is critical to your brand integrity.

SaaS Applications

Let us help manage your infrastructure so you can focus on what’s important. We can help customize your app's best-fit hybrid cloud, combining dedicated hardware, virtual servers, private cloud, and our high-performance public cloud. We also offer Fanatical Support®, plus services to help you migrate, architect, build, and manage your environment. Your OS comes installed, and you can even get software tools for building mobile apps.