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Naicoms is an international provider of integrated IT solutions and managed services: we provide expert consultation on communications and collaboration, data center and cloud solutions, information and data management, and managed services.

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Naicoms Cloud Platform
( NCloud )

Naicoms Integration is all about providing one global financial cloud platform that is complimented by exceptional service and operational excellence. Our Naicoms Private Cloud is built to deliver the high performance, applications and exceptional user experience demanded by the hedge fund and investment industry.

Application Hosting

Naicoms Managed Infrastructure provides clients easy access to an enterprise-grade private environment with the latest hardware and software without capital expenditures, expensive upgrades or ongoing maintenance and monitoring. It is ideal for hosting applications used by hedge funds and investment firms.

Cloud Disaster Recovery

Many organizations today do not have adequate disaster recovery (DR) protection for their applications. In most cases, disaster recovery is perceived as too expensive, complex and unreliable for any but the most mission-critical applications. Disaster recovery is a form of insurance to protect your IT assets when a disaster strikes. Just like good insurance, the best disaster recovery should provide great protection, with minimum hassle, at the lowest possible cost.