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Naicoms is an international provider of integrated IT solutions and managed services: we provide expert consultation on communications and collaboration, data center and cloud solutions, information and data management, and managed services.

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Distributed Workforce

Naicoms solutions for the distributed workforce make it easy to connect remote teams and teleworkers, transforming their everyday smartphones, tablets and PCs into a virtual workspace for high-quality video communication and productive collaboration.

Customer Support

NVideo enables rich, personal video interactions with your customers through your website or mobile app. Online presence and services provide the convenience and immediacy that your multi-device, always-connected customers demand.

Human Resources

Naicoms is a valuable resource for HR today, bringing employees together for diversity programs, employer brand campaigns and other activities that go far beyond traditional training apps to improve work-life balance, connect distributed workforces and more.

Marketing & Sales

NVideo conferencing tools help sales and marketing professionals collaborate effectively, accelerate decision making and makes sales and marketing pitches and presentations. By using video conferencing, team members, vendors, clients and other stakeholders can meet face-to-face even though they may be located all over the world, saving time and travel expenses, but keeping relationships strong.

Press Relations

With the high cost and unpredictable nature of business travel, this has become a very popular service that can actually help save costs and provide increased productivity for key personnel or noted experts. While video conferencing has had performance issues related to compatibility and transmission quality, our skilled team has experience working in all kinds of meeting environments and is an effective partner in helping you achieve the communications goals of your meeting or presentation.


Distance learning programs need teachers who can quickly author and organize content into curricula, deliver it live or on-demand across any device, and track the results. Students learning in dynamic digital settings have a strong affinity for video collaboration, whether they are listening to a lecture, studying with classmates, or presenting a project.

Solution by industry


Healthcare and medical professionals choose NVideo for video conferencing and teleconferencing needs. Video conferencing allows doctors, medical specialists and patients to meet together, even if they're not in the same room, state or country.


NVideo is a top choice of educators and administrators for video conferencing and teleconferencing in the classroom. Video conferencing brings students, teachers, and experts together - even if they're not in the same room. In an increasingly digital world, video conferencing allows for a dynamic, innovative and global experience for students.


NVideo is a top choice for human resources professionals and recruiters. Video conferencing allows HR representatives and potential employees to meet together without being in the same room, state or country. As work environments become increasingly digital and online recruiting is the new norm, teleconferences and videoconferences are an innovative solution to keep processes running smoothly and efficiently.


For lawyers, the logistics and recording of depositions, arbitrations and mediations can be complex, time-consuming and expensive, which hampers litigation. Video conferencing allows attorneys to conduct more billable client meetings by reducing the need to travel. An increasing reliance on technology in all businesses today means to be able to rely on mobile infrastructure. NVideo Mobile Compatibility Connect your confenerence room to almost any mobile or desktop system in the world through our cloud partners.


In an industry where speed of delivery is critical, financial institutions are looking for ways to accelerate decision-making processes, monitor market changes instantaneously, and improve client service. Whether trading commodities or ideas, financial-industry professionals can use room and desktop video conferencing and telepresence solutions to bring together team members, partners and clients from all over the world. Video conferencing solutions include mobile devices as well, allowing for improved communications from the trading room floor. Face-to-face meetings held via video strengthen broker/investor relations and help to quickly close deals.