Service Overview

Business-Critical Performance is a Must. The Dedicated Internet solutions are designed to support business-critical Internet applications with high-speed connectivity and reliable, dedicated Internet access.

Your broadband Dedicated Internet connection is not shared with others so unlike cable modems, you are never competing for bandwidth when you need it. With dedicated access, you can confidently and securely share data over the Internet at the same speed for uploads and downloads, meaning increased productivity.

Redundant Infrastructure Ensures Reliable, Dedicated Internet Access


With Naicoms Dedicated Internet Access, you’ll have the highest level of performance delivered over our highly dependable and redundant infrastructure with 24-hour network monitoring and customer support. Don’t let unreliable broadband Internet connections cripple, even halt your ability to conduct business. Rely on T1 Dedicated Internet Access for your high-speed business Internet connections.

Dedicated Internet access allows your business to:

  • Connect on-site Web, email and DNS servers and other business-critical applications
  • Securely upload large files and share data between locations
  • Conduct video conferences
  • Run web-based applications
  • Stream video
  • Provide multi-site access and much more

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