Video Conferencing in Schools

NVideo is a top choice of educators and administrators for video conferencing and teleconferencing in the classroom. Video conferencing brings students, teachers, and experts together - even if they're not in the same room.

In an increasingly digital world, video conferencing allows for a dynamic, innovative and global experience for students. In addition, it creates a more engaging learning environment that benefits both students and teachers.

Compared to a traditional classroom, one that is enabled with video conferencing has many benefits.

Applications for Education

NVideo for Advanced Students

NVideo for Autism

NVideo for College Prep

NVideo for Early Education

NVideo for Curriculum Enchantment

NVideo for Foreign Language Instruction

NVideo for Individualized Education Programs

NVideo for Professional Development

NVideo for Reading & Literacy

NVideo for School-based Healthcare

NVideo for Special Education

NVideo for STEAM

NVideo for Virtual School Education

NVideo for Vocational Education

NVideo for Mentoring and Networking

NVideo for Research in Higher Education

NVideo for Libraries and Community Services

NVideo for Libraries and Job Training

How to Use Video Conferencing in Education

There are many ways that video conferencing can be incorporated into a traditional classroom setting. Teachers and administrators can foster a more dynamic and engaging learning environment by using video conferencing and teleconferencing for the following:

Lectures and lesson presentations:

A video conference makes a traditional lesson more interactive and keeps students engaged. It also allows for built-in polling, real-time chat and document sharing.

Virtual presentation from a Guest Speaker:

Bring an expert into your classroom with video conferencing. A guest lecture from someone outside of your school district is easy with NVideo.

Record lessons for review online:

Students can reference all or a portion of a lesson online if they need a refresher, or if they were absent for the lession.

Online Meetings & Webinars:

It’s an easy and problem free solution to host online meetings, yet powerful. I really like branding possibility and new test/evaluation feature. Support is responsive and effective.

taff meetings & professional development:

Video conferencing and teleconferencing can be used for streamlining faculty meetings and for offering professional development opportunities.

Mobile Access to Online Video Conferencing in Education

With the NVideo app, teachers and students can run, manage and access meetings from anywhere. The NVideo mobile app for iPhone, iPad, Android and Blackberry allows users to access all of the same features that they use with the desktop version. Users can schedule new meetings, stream audio and video, run meetings from their smartphone or tablet, share their screen, text chat, and record meetings - all with the NVideo app.

Webinars for Education

NVideo is the perfect tool for hosting webinars. Whether you're hosting a single speaker for an educational webinar, or you have a panel of guests, NVideo is an excellent and user-friendly platform for producing engaging and professional webinars for students, teachers and faculty.

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