The wide range of our Еthernet services means that each of them can meet the needs of any business regardless of nationality

Once when it is built up, you will receive benefit of one of the best built Ethernet connectivity in Europe that is fully backed up trough wide range of customer support services. Meanwhile our partners program has built strong relationships with a large number of providers throughout Europe and America, enabling us to reach points outside our architecture and to connect with you.

How is it possible to connect two important points together, or connect your offices with your HQ, cost-effectively, secure and without unnecessary worries. the answer is simple, and you have all the necessary technology, your existing Ethernet infrastructure.

We are offering Ethernet, Point-to-Point and Hub-and-Spoke solutions, meaning that you can create a network that provides your employees with the necessary network connectivity to work, serve customers and develop your business. It is not need invest in new equipment, introducing new technologies and technical knowledge, or to unnecessarily complicate your existing environment.

Global Connectivity

Business regardless of nationality

Our Ethernet Services will enable your company to transmit your most sensitive data across the globe or across the street.

Complete Monitoring, End-to-End

Just 24x7x365 dedicated engineers availability

Our eyes are on everything in the Naicoms Centralized Monitoring System 24x7x365. We have a comprehensive monitoring and management system in place that covers all backbone and networking infrastructure.

Ethernet ( Point-to-Point ) and Hub & Spoke Services:

  • VLAN-based connectivity that provides dedicated bandwidth to your locations.
  • Flexible configurations and topologies.
  • Reliable and secure data transport.
  • Connectivity from multiple sites to a central 'hub'.

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