Video Conferencing in HR and Recruitment

NVideo is a top choice for human resources professionals and recruiters. Video conferencing allows HR representatives and potential employees to meet together without being in the same room, state or country.

As work environments become increasingly digital and online recruiting is the new norm, teleconferences and videoconferences are an innovative solution to keep processes running smoothly and efficiently.

Video conferencing and teleconferencing provide many advantages to HR departments. HR professionals and recruiters can easily connect with potential employees and have a virtual, interactive meeting. It's not always possible or cost-effective to meet in person during the recruiting process, and NVideo provides an excellent option to connect from anywhere.

How to Use Video Conferencing in HR and Recruitment

HR departments and recruiters can use video conferencing and teleconferencing to support the recruiting and interviewing process, as well as for internal meetings and professional development. There are many reasons for using video conferencing in human resources, including the following:

Video Interview:

Even if you are not in the same zip code, you can meet with a candidate face-to-face using video conferencing.

Online Training:

NVideo makes online training easy, whether you are training one person or an entire group.

Recruiting Online:

Keep the screening and interview process efficient and effective by scheduling virtual meetings with candidates.

HR team collaboration:

When your team needs to collaborate or discuss an issue together, NVideo provides many useful tools for teamwork.

Team presentations:

Video conferencing makes a traditional presentation more interactive and keeps your audience engaged. It also allows for built-in polling, real-time chat and document sharing.

Mobile Access to Online Video Conferencing in HR and Recruitment

The NVideo app allows HR professionals to access all of the same features as the NVideo desktop version from a smartphone or tablet. The NVideo mobile app is designed for iPhone, iPad, Android and Blackberry and makes it possible to run, manage and access meetings from anywhere. From your smartphone or tablet, you can quickly and effectively schedule new meetings, stream audio and video, run meetings, share your screen, text chat, and record meetings.

Webinars for HR and Recruitment

NVideo is an effective and user-friendly platform for hosting webinars. NVideo allows you to host webinars for small groups or large audiences of up to 1,000 HR and recruitment professionals. Webinars can be accessed from anywhere using the NVideo desktop version or the NVideo mobile app. NVideo webinars are a trusted solution for training, demonstrations and one-to-many communication.

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