Applications for Law Enforcement

For lawyers, the logistics and recording of depositions, arbitrations and mediations can be complex, time-consuming and expensive, which hampers litigation.

Video conferencing allows attorneys to conduct more billable client meetings by reducing the need to travel.

An increasing reliance on technology in all businesses today means to be able to rely on mobile infrastructure. NVideo Mobile Compatibility Connect your confenerence room to almost any mobile or desktop system in the world through our cloud partners.

Increase Billable Hours

NVideo Video Conferencing helps increase overall productivity by allowing attorneys and clients to meet face to face over video instead of having to schedule in-person meetings, and losing time for travel. NVideo allows attorneys to schedule more billable meetings in a single day simply by eliminating the need to use valuable time traveling to other locations.

Improve Inter-Office Communications

For law firms with multiple offices and locations, NVideo is the perfect solution to increase communication and collaboration while building a stronger team environment between the offices. Face-to-Face meetings cane be conducted on a more consistent bases, reducing time needed to travel and associated cost while increasing scheduling availability and team interaction.

Conduct and Record Video Depositions

Reduce or eliminate the need to video and deposition recording services and production. NVideo Video Conferencing solutions can record both active meetings between multiple parties, or can be used as a local video recorder to conduct depositions, interviews, witness statements, and more. Video and audio from all parties are recorded to a USB flashdrive as a single file to be used for official record. Even shared content such as digital photos, physical documents and objects shared between attorneys will also be recorded to the file so a complete record of the deposition or statement is included as one file that can be replayed from the video system itself, or saved to a computer for archive or replay/review.

Direct Partner or Client Meetings and Conduct Attorney Recruitment

Conduct meetings with expert witnesses, service partners, or clients from your NVideo Video Conferencing system, instead of having to cover travel expenses, or travel to off-site locations. Attorney recruitment can easily and efficiently be conducted over video conferencing with candidates from all over the world. Scheduling for any meeting becomes simple and efficient without having to include travel times.

Business Benefits

Why should choose this solution

  • Attorneys
         Increase communication and collaboration with other attorneys and clients while reducing travel cost and time. Increase billable meetings with the ability to conduct      more depositions, meetings and consultations without losing valuable time on the road.
  • Law Firms
         Increase interaction and collaboration between multiple office locations, and provide an easy way for expert witnesses, partners and clients to provide official      testimony or statements. Reduce third party provider cost such as video deposition recording services, or expert consultations.
  • Partners
         Provide a simple yet secure way to communicate between other partners or attorneys for business and case strategy meetings. Offer a face-to-face alternative for      new attorney recruitment and other employees candidates without travel time and cost.
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