Video Conferencing in Sales and Marketing

In sales and marketing, results come by how well you understand your audience and how you use that information to convert prospects into customers.

NVideo conferencing tools help sales and marketing professionals collaborate effectively, accelerate decision making and makes sales and marketing pitches and presentations. By using video conferencing, team members, vendors, clients and other stakeholders can meet face-to-face even though they may be located all over the world, saving time and travel expenses, but keeping relationships strong.

Naicoms Managed Infrastructure provides clients easy access to an enterprise-grade private environment with the latest hardware and software without capital expenditures, expensive upgrades or ongoing maintenance and monitoring. It is ideal for hosting applications used by hedge funds and investment firms.

How to Use Video Conferencing in Sales and Marketing

Sales and marketing professionals use video conferencing for presentations, pitches, market research, vendor communication and team collaboration. Marketing through video conferencing keeps processes moving efficiently and effectively by saving time and money. Video conferencing can be used in sales and marketing in the following ways:

Market Research:

Understanding your market is critical, and video conferencing can be used as a tool for focus groups and other audience research.

Vendor Management:

Your vendors might be located all of the world, but NVideo makes it easy to meet face-to-face.

Sales Presentation and Sales Pitch:

When you meet with potential clients in person, presenting your pitch using video conferencing is an excellent solution.

Team Collaboration:

Collaborating with your team and colleagues to finalize marketing pitches and other projects is simple with NVideo. This way you ensure everyone is on the same page and communication flows.

Product Launch:

When a new product goes live, a videoconference allows you to educate employees and colleagues about the new launch.

Mobile Access to Online Video Conferencing in Sales and Marketing

When you are not sitting in front of your computer, the NVideo app allows you to still participate in video conferencing from your smartphone or tablet. You can access all of the same features as the desktop version, including scheduling meetings, streaming audio and video, running meetings, sharing your screen, text chatting and recording meetings. Designed for iPhone, iPad, Android and Blackberry, the NVideo app is created for professionals on the go.

Webinars for Sales and Marketing

Not only is NVideo a trusted tool for sales and marketing presentations and pitches, NVideo is also a user-friendly platform for hosting webinars. NVideo allows you to host webinars for small groups or large audiences of up to 1,000 sales and marketing professionals. Webinars can be accessed from anywhere using the NVideo desktop version or the NVideo mobile app. NVideo webinars are a trusted solution for professional development and one-to-many communication.

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