Application Hosting


With the Naicoms Private Cloud, you gain outstanding application performance coupled with simplified application management, clear IT budgeting and rapid application deployment.

Naicoms Integration has deployed a robust, scalable private cloud infrastructure in multiple Tier II & III class data centers across Europe. Our Naicoms Private Cloud infrastructure leverages best-of-breed technologies to deliver cost-effective software as a service and infrastructure as a service offerings.

Naicoms Colocation facilities feature on-site redundant power sources and redundant back-up generators to sustain power in the event of an outage. Redundancy is built into the network connections as well as the heating and cooling systems to maintain a consistent and optimal environment.

Six things to consider when comparing vendors’ offerings:

Global Enterprise Infrastructure

Our infrastructure and data centers are fully redundant and feature N+1 configuration throughout to tolerate any single equipment failure and ensure the highest levels of availability.

Complete Monitoring, End-to-End

Our eyes are on everything in the Naicoms Private Cloud 24x7x365. We have a comprehensive monitoring and management system in place that covers the applications, network and servers running in the Naicoms Private Cloud.

Fully Supported

We deliver 24x7x365 support for your mission-critical applications and users. Our award-winning help desk is trusted by thousands of financial pros because of our responsiveness, experience and commitment to client satisfaction.

Global Connectivity

Our Global Private Network is delivering the highest levels of performance, redundancy and connectivity. Plus, we manage the entire private network from the desktop to the data center.

Scalability and Performance

We can deliver virtually unlimited computing resources, allowing for outstanding flexibility and easy expansion. Allocation of CPU, memory and storage resources, as well as increased Internet bandwidth, can all be increased on-the-fly.

Cost Effective

By hosting applications on our Naicoms Private Cloud, you can reduce costs and minimize capital expenditures. Ongoing maintenance, monitoring and upgrades are all covered by us. You can be confident your application is always running on the latest and greatest technology.

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