We are modern and rely on innovative solutions Telecom Carrier provides extremely reliable and secure services covering the Bulgarian region and the whole world based on International Fiber Optic Infrastructure trough our reliable partners we have.

Global Internet access is realized through some of Top 10 Tier 1 providers and International IPX – DECIX via terrestrial symmetric and fully redundant Fiber Optic Cable routes. Direct BG peering connectivity to the biggest Bulgarian ISPs and the Bulgarian IPX.

Тhrough our partners network we are able to provide services based on two diverse trans-border connections Turkey and Romania. Four totally diverse routes towards West Europe (Budapest, Vienna, Frankfurt, Amsterdam etc.) are currently organized via Romania (2 routes), Serbija and Macedonia. Services to Kosovo, Serbija, Greece, Georgia, Russia, Ukraine are provided to our demanding customers.

Top reasons to choose Internet Dedicated Services

We offers the best value in the market place

  • Connects your business to the global market quickly and easily using a secure IP network.
  • Provides flexibility to quickly adjust your resources as your business evolves.
  • Uses fiber optics to deliver reliable, stable, and fast communications.
  • Provides reliable Internet access with easy-to-implement security services.
  • Manage costs for service provisioning, bandwidth changes, and site development.
  • Technical expertise is just a phone call away 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days .

IP Transit

An international carrier or ISP wishing to provide international Internet connectivity to end-users is faced a decision to build an IP network and peer with other ISPs, or to buy a global IP transit service. What we offer in global IP transit is an alternative telecommunication solution that allows international carriers to outsource the production and operation of the end-user Internet service. Provisioning of public IPv4 and/or IPv6 addresses is included in the service only for the clients without own registered ASN in RIPE. Service reliability and security – the customer shall obtain optical fibers from the most reliable Fiber Optic Network in Bulgaria. Dark fiber lease abroad is also available.

Dedicated Internet Access

Get secure, dedicated high-bandwidth Internet access via Ethernet or a T1 connection to send and receive large amounts of data, conduct video conferences, run web-based applications, stream video, provide multi-site access and more. Providing high security and reliability, the network is monitored and maintained from our dedicated centres using advanced management and operational systems. All backed by the largest team of network experts across the organisation with the greatest depth of network experience.

LIR/AS Administration

If your organisation needs IPv4/IPv6 address space and AS Numbers, LDeX Connect has extensive experience in allocating IP space and ASN numbers via RIPE and carrying out on going RIPE administration tasks

Leased Lines / VPN

We are offering you hight-quality, cost-effective leased line connectivity and is available in a variety of speeds between 5Mbps and 2.0Gbps. Enjoy the benefits of wide network coverage, along with the peace-of-mind of knowing that everything is managed for you.

Ethernet Services

Our Ethernet Services will allow you to transfer your information across the world or across the street - give us traffic and we will transport the network packages. Ethernet Services are ideal for interconnecting your Local Area Networks (LAN) in a cost effective and secure manner, no matter, where they are located. They are fast to deploy, easy to manage and very flexible that adding extra bandwith or connecting a new sites is quite straightforward.