The Power of the Video Press Release

Deploying video conferencing can help you make your event complete even when schedules and travel plans become difficult.

With the high cost and unpredictable nature of business travel, this has become a very popular service that can actually help save costs and provide increased productivity for key personnel or noted experts.While video conferencing has had performance issues related to compatibility and transmission quality, our skilled team has experience working in all kinds of meeting environments and is an effective partner in helping you achieve the communications goals of your meeting or presentation.

We are also able to assist with video conferencing for one-to-one meetings and other similar business applications. Our services are professional and our rates are attractive.



  • Key Note Conferences
  • Breaking News
  • Lectures
  • Continuing Education
  • Corporate Communication

What Is a Video Press Release?

A video press release involves the senses in a way that text-only press releases can’t. It’s a recorded video version of the same information but with sound and imagery bringing it to life. Media experts have found that over half of viewers take further action after exposure to an online news video. That’s quite an impact, and it’s one that many types of businesses increasingly are taking advantage of.

What Does a Video Press Release Look Like?

There are several ways to format a video press release. The choice of content depends on the product or service involved. Interviews with inventors or spokespersons, product demonstrations and customer testimonials are all effective.Most video press releases provide excerpts of detailed product information along with a link to learn more. An inspiring soundtrack, animated company logos and humor are also useful components. In general, the more engaging the audio and visual elements are, the more effective a video news release can be.

Can the Video Press Release Work for Any Business?

Based on the results obtained by various industries, it probably can. Many video news releases created by prominent companies are pitched to major television networks, but there’s an increasing number published online, too – for consumer consumption, and sharing.With the latest innovations on your side, a dynamic video press release can work magic and help your business secure more news coverage.

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