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We want to be a valuable partner for our customers, we want to provide opportunity for our employees, and contribute to our communities. And, like you, we know that the innovative use of information technology (IT) is one of the best strategies to achieve our business objectives.

Naicoms is an globally technology solutions and services company which is established in 2010. We are pursuing a simple strategy that distinguishes us from other technology companies: Before we ask our customers what technology they want to deploy, we always ask them what they want to accomplish. We are experts in technology across the IT infrastructure from edge to core, but we never forget that technology is only a means to an end. The end is the ability—by whatever means it takes—for our customers to deliver extraordinary experiences to their customers.

For Example:

We maintain the highest certifications from the leading manufacturers of servers, storage and networking technologies, because our customers want a secure, efficient and resilient IT foundation for their operations. We launched one of the first major Managed Services Operations Centers because our customers wanted us to monitor and manage their IT infrastructure so they could focus on growing and enriching their businesses. We mastered leading virtualization technologies across the IT infrastructure so our customers could get more performance from their data centers and be more responsive to their own customers. We were an early adopter of collaboration and communication technologies, because our customers wanted to be able to engage with their customers anywhere, anytime, on any device. We developed an award winning, state-of-the-art enterprise cloud environment—actually two of them—because our customers needed to extend their IT infrastructure without constantly extending their capital budgets. While other systems integrators have been shipwrecked by technological upheavals and economic turbulence, our tagline: “Business and technology working as one” has been our North Star and enabled us to stay focused on the innovative use of technology to help our customers consistently exceed the expectations of their customers.